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Back on Sunday, June 15th at Slammiversary TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle announced the 2014 TNA Hall of Fame inductees, Team 3D. The announcement forever links Bully Ray and Brother Devon’s names alongside Angle and “The Icon” Sting, TNA’s first two Hall of Famers. While most fans seemingly view the TNA Hall of Fame skeptically, there should stand no doubt Team 3D deserves the “Hall of Fame” moniker.

Team 3D
Team 3D in Philapephia prior to Lockdown 2009. Photo: PrtSc Image

Bully Ray and Brother Devon’s accolades from ECW and WWE remain rather well known. While Sabu introduced American wrestling to using tables, Team 3D made tables their signature. Then in WWE alongside The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian Team 3D re-popularized tag team wrestling, pioneering the TLC match in the process. Eventually though WWE’s interest in tag team wrestling died out leading Bully Ray and Brother Devon to become free agents.

Free agency led the duo to TNA Wrestling. Team 3D helped commence TNA’s Spike TV era with their debut. For the next five years the veteran pair helped add respect and credibility to TNA’s tag team division. Team Canada, LAX, The Motor City Machine Guns, and Beer Money all became better after wrestling Bully Ray and Brother Devon.

Bottom line Team 3D popularized tables in American wrestling, re-popularized tag team wrestling 15 years after WWE’s tag team division peaked, and then came to TNA Wrestling to elevate the promotion’s tag division. Congratulations go out to Bully Ray and Brother Devon for their well-deserved Hall of Fame honors!


This week TNA Wrestling parted ways with Frankie Kazarian by opting not to resign him. Rather than using the departure to speculate about the wrestling company’s future I will instead spend time highlighting Kaz’s career there. After all Kaz really blossomed into a star the past decade under the TNA banner.

Frankie Kazarian circa 2005
Early in his TNA Wrestling career Frankie Kazarian proved himself as a top notch in-ring competitor. Photo: Mike Kalasnik (Flickr)

Early on Kaz’s in-ring ability remained evident. Kicking off TNA Wrestling’s Sunday three-hour PPV era Kazarian proved the highlight shining during the opening bout at Victory Road 2004, a 20-man X-Division gauntlet. His performance warrants comparison to Shawn Michaels’ 1995 Royal Rumble performance.

Unlike “The Heart Break Kid” though, on the microphone Kaz’s personality lacked. His first time in the spotlight exposed said fact. 2007 saw Kaz enter the aforementioned spotlight, upsetting Christian Cage in a ladder match at Genesis and then nearly beating Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Title on Impact. He continued receiving fair camera time in 2008 captaining Team TNA throughout the World X Cup.

To watch a Kaz promo from 2007 or 2008 creates shock and awe, specifically shock and awe over exactly how much he improved since. Kaz developing his entertaining personality probably stems back to joining Fourtune. There he hooked up with Christopher Daniels and the two stayed together following Fourtune’s demise.

Together Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian came known as Bad Influence. My opinion Bad Influence turned into the best act on the TNA roster, at least until recently. No doubt TNA Wrestling’s loss will become another promoter’s gain. Frankie Kazarian, I look forward to your future endeavors.

Daniels and Kaz- Bad Influence
Daniels and Kaz now find themselves both free agents in the professional wrestling industry. Photo: Pat Loika (Flickr)


Speculation over a potential match between Sting and The Undertaker only increased after WWE recently released a video teasing the dream bout. If you somehow managed to miss seeing the video, go ahead and give “The Undertaker vs. Sting- Fantasy Match-Up” a view.

Sting vs. The Undertaker Fantasy Match
Sting vs. The Undertaker graphic from WWE's fantasy match video. Photo: PrtSc Image

The video surely adds intrigue to a well-documented ambiguous situation. Online reports conflict whether or not Sting signed a WWE contract. On the flip side one must wonder what the streak coming to an end last month means for The Undertaker’s in-ring career. Did we witness The Undertaker’s final match at Wrestlemania XXX?

By the chance both issues align to make “The Dead Man” vs. “The Icon” possible, another question arises. Should the WWE go forth with turning fantasy into reality? Consider the competitors’ ages and The Undertaker’s apparent fragile health. Perhaps the best way to meet expectations entails leaving the bout to the imagination.

Additionally I feel the novelty to Sting vs. The Undertaker worn off greatly the past 10 plus years. Those two facing off in 2001, epic! Sting versus The Undertaker in 2015 equates to a much less epic sensation. Confronting the facts brings upon the realization time devalued Sting’s worth to WWE’s current wrestling product. He remains a prospective asset however partaking in retrospect WWE Network programming, or so I think.

What do you think? Share your opinion by commenting below.

Back in April when Jeff and Karen Jarrett announced Global Force Wrestling (GFW), the press release touted an interactive experience for fans. Even well before the first GFW event, the Jarretts look to deliver on the interactivity by presenting the Global Force Wrestling Fantasy Draft. Capitalizing on NFL draft anticipation GFW tweeted out the following Monday, May 5th, 2014.
Global Force Wrestling Fantasy Draft
Global Force Wrestling wants to know who you want to see on their roster. Photo: PrtSc Image

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Ending our brief “Ultimate Flashback” series we recall a WWE event June 25th, 1988. On that night at Madison Square Garden The Ultimate Warrior wrestled Bobby “the Brain” Hennan in a bout where the loser must wear a weasel suit. The match embodies the sports entertainment aspect to professional wrestling Vince McMahon seems to love.

As with any Ultimate Warrior match Warrior psyched the crowd up beforehand with his signature high energy entrance. This time though Warrior came bolting into the arena carrying the weasel suit the loser would fashion. Obviously Ultimate Warrior entered the favorite to win

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Ultimate Flashback: Wrestlemania VI

April 24th 2014 05:45
Wrestlemania VI provides a refresher on Ultimate Warrior’s popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Re-watching his main event bout against “the Immortal” Hulk Hogan so I could write up this “Ultimate Flashback” post, two other Wrestlemania classics came to my mind. First, Shawn Michaels versus Bret Hart from Wrestlemania XII and second Hulk Hogan versus The Rock from Wrestlemania X8.

The parallel between Warrior/Hogan and Michaels/Hart revolves around two fan favorites facing off, a rarity in professional wrestling. A couple different reasons can explain the infrequent occurrence. One a certain danger exists moving away from the heel vs. face formula. Also not many stars develop to the point where they can successfully match the top star’s popularity, again a credit to The Ultimate Warrior

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When you talk Ultimate Warrior’s most memorable matches, his title bout with Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania VI should spring to mind. Prior to the two fan favorites facing off on the grandest stage though they naturally crossed each other’s paths within the squared circle’s confines. Saturday, January 27th, 1990 remained one such time. The larger than life personas teamed up on Saturday Night’s Main Event to wrestle Mr. Perfect and The Genius.

Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, The Genius, Mr. Perfect
Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior teamed up on Saturday Night's Main Event to take on Mr. Perfect and The Genius. Photo: PrtSc Image

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Hello Again!

April 16th 2014 19:42
November 14th, 2012 I said goodbye to this blog, but today I say hello once again. Over the next few months I will give Seek Extreme another go before deciding on whether to stay the course. A lot happened throughout professional wrestling since my 2012 farewell post. The most recent occurrences I will certainly discuss in upcoming posts.

Notable topics include The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak ending, Ultimate Warrior’s untimely passing, Sting’s ambiguous WWE status, AJ Styles leaving TNA Wrestling, and Jeff Jarrett announcing Global Force Wrestling. Indeed very much to talk about

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This is Goodbye!

November 14th 2012 03:09
On May 31st, 2009 I started this professional wrestling blog known as Seek Extreme. Today I’m writing to inform you good people the end has arrived. After some consideration I have decided to move on from posting here. I thank everyone who helped to make Seek Extreme a regular amongst Orble’s top 10 sports blogs. Hopefully you found my insights shared over the past few years engaging and entertaining.

Now I’m leaving Seek Extreme to the past so I can better focus on other rewarding writing opportunities. For instance last December I published my teenage memoir Off Balanced and let me tell you, writing, publishing, and marketing a book takes much time and effort. Off Balanced explores how having a mild case of cerebral palsy affected me socially as an adolescent. While not about wrestling, perhaps the book will intrigue you. Please check out the free preview at my website or the cyber reading on Youtube

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Check Me Out on Yahoo! Sports

October 13th 2012 17:23
If you enjoy my posts here at Seek Extreme, you may show interest in my latest work for Yahoo! Sports. Besides covering a Cleveland Indians fan perspective beat via the Yahoo! Contributor Network, I will start covering a WWE/pro wrestling fan perspective beat. You will find my first two articles already online, “Top 10 Professional Wrestling Stables of All Time” and “Sting’s Top 10 Most Memorable TNA Wrestling Moments.”

Now given this new beat assignment will overlap with my usual Seek Extreme subject matter, I’m thinking about turning my blog here into an “inside look” type deal for my wrestling related Yahoo! Sports pieces. For example, I imagine some fans might disagree I didn’t list Sting’s match with AJ Styles from Bound for Glory 2009 on Sting’s top 10 most memorable TNA Wrestling moments. Yet I included the “Last Rites” match between Abyss and “The Icon” from Destination X 2007

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